[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Experience can be costly. There are some mistakes you need not make as they have already been made for you by others. And it is often said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Blogging can be tricky. There are some mistakes long-time bloggers have come to realize. Averting these blunders will save you resources and good chances. If you have not made any yet, it would be wise to learn from their mistakes. If you have made some wrong choices, then you should start correcting them. What are blogging mistakes a blogger can make? Here are 15 of the common blogging mistakes you must avoid.


Common blogging mistakes and what to do to correct them

1.      Choosing a wrong domain name:

You should not pick a domain name that is not easily understood. When deciding a domain name pick one that is easy to recall. That way, guests can remember your domain name whenever they want to find you. Your domain name should be straightforward but not boring, simple to spell and utter. Also, you can use a name generator to check if the domain name you want to use is available or to pick a name for you. Avoid using a domain name that is identical or close to another blog.

If you have already made the mistake of using an wrong domain name, you can change it.

2.      Using an unsuitable blog name:

While many bloggers prefer to use the same name as domain and blog name, it does not necessarily have to be the same. However, like your domain name, your blog name should be simple to recall, spell and pronounce. The name of your blog ought to be catchy, unique, and connected to your niche. Use a name that will leave an impact on readers.

3.      Using a wrong template or theme:

Blog themes differ, and they are all on different levels. Some themes are restraining which makes it hard for you to fully personalize your blog. Some other themes will make your processing time needlessly slow. You need to pick a good quality theme with the necessary details.

If you choose the wrong theme, you can change the theme of your blog. It might be a tedious task, though.

4.      Selecting an unsuitable niche:

Selecting the wrong niche will create problems for you, even if not immediately. When choosing a niche choose the one you properly understand. Guests want to be sure the information they are getting is genuine and trustworthy. Being well informed about your niche gives you power over your subject. Another mistake in choosing a niche is picking one people are not concerned about. Do not pick a vague subject people do not want to read.

Before choosing a subject try to understand your audience and what they want. Also, pay attention to quality rather than quantity. Pick a defined niche people are interested in, one you love and have considerable knowledge of.

5.      Writing and posting aimlessly:

How often you write is just as important as what you write. Making blog posts inconsistently is a big mistake that bloggers make. You should have a consistent time for creating blog posts. Writing often will help you grow as a blogger. In addition, readers know when to expect new content from your blog. Posting does not necessarily have to be daily, but it should be consistent.

6.      Failing to research:

Even if you know much about your blog niche, research is still very important. Researching on topics before writing will help your blog stay relevant. As things change regularly,  research will keep you updated. So, researching before posting will help you to avoid posting outdated information.

7.      Ignoring social media promotion:

People use social media often, thus it could be a market strategy for you. If you can create an engaging social media presence you can increase your blog’s traffic. Social media is also a simple way for readers to get to you. Start promoting your blog on social media now, and more readers will find you.

8.      Not monetizing your blog on time:

Many bloggers want to wait till they have huge traffic before thinking of monetizing their blogs. However, if you do not plan monetization at the right time you may never get there. Even if you have a small number of guests, there is a possibility that someone is interested in buying from you. So, it is crucial to learn monetization methods and create opportunities for sales on time.

9.      Poor SEO practices:

To build traffic, you should practice good SEO. If your content is not digestible by the search engine, you are depriving your blog of traffic. Practice SEO tips such as keyword research, using quality backlinks, and using SEO-friendly headlines.

10. Absence of reader-friendly environment:

Not being responsive to your guests is a mistake that will bring down your blog in no time. People are inclined to follow your blog when you respond to their comments and messages. They feel appreciated when you respond to them and would want to engage more in your blog. You also get to know how your guests feel about your blog from your conversations. So, make it a goal to create a friendly environment for your readers.

11. Venturing into blogging without technical knowledge:

Some start blogging without having the right technical knowledge. You should have basic knowledge before beginning your blog, so you can fix problems if you encounter any. You do not have to wait till you know everything though, as time goes on you will learn more. You can read up guidelines online to learn more.

12. Not linking with other bloggers:

When you work with other bloggers, you can gain from their knowledge. Connecting with other bloggers will enrich, grow and keep your blog busy. To link up, you can try guest posting, connecting on social media, and reaching out to people.

13. Overlooking your advancement:

It is essential to keep records. If you are neglecting the idea of keeping records, you cannot follow up on what works for you or not. Keeping records helps you in the future. You will know what you did that brought in traffic or chased readers away. If you have not been using tracking tools, you should start keeping track of your progress.

14. Not setting priorities:

To keep your blog moving you need to set priorities. In a bid to get everything done you might get nothing done. Choose what is important to you, and stick to it. To create a unique blog you need to get things done at the right time.

15. Lack of commitment:

Some begin blogging with unrealistic expectations, and when they are not meeting these expectations, they give up. If you feel your blog is not doing well, explore new methods. Do not let feelings of discouragement hinder you. Yes, it may take some time but success is achievable. Do not give up, press harder.

Wrapping Up

Avoid blogging mistakes, and if you have already made some, you are not the first, correct them. Blogging is tricky, so try to do things right. Do not stop, keep on blogging. Remember, the more you blog, the more experienced you become. Even though blogging may be complex, you can excel at it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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