Websites are an essential part of the online world today, and African businesses are not left out. Without a site, a brand is practically invisible to many online users. As a result, every brand out there has at least one successful site up and running. Furthermore, website development has become a major step all new brands take to meet their business goals. And as the number of websites increases, so does the need to monetize them.

Monetizing a website is a task that many brands have successfully achieved over the years. Still, it remains an enormous challenge for many. So, how can you increase income from your website? The following are four strategies that will help you monetize your website.



  1. PPC Advertising
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling ad space
  4. Marketing your product

Here are the four steps to monetize your website in detail:

1.      PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is one of the most common and easiest ways of generating income from websites. As a website owner, you are opportune to get paid whenever a website visitor clicks on an ad post. There is a variety of impressive PPC tools out there. And one of them is Google AdSense.

AdSense is an impressive PPC tool that will benefit you if your website meets its requirement. If so, all you need to do is to sign up and follow the prompts. Once you are fully registered, Google AdSense will automatically display ads on your website. Rest assured, these ads will be according to your website contents and customers’ interest. So, whenever a visitor clicks on an ad, you get paid.

PPC advertising is more beneficial when you have a lot of traffic. Therefore, it is not suited for new websites. However, it is a perfect way of earning a passive income once your website begins earning a consistent amount of traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Yet another means of monetizing your website is through affiliate marketing. It is also a great and easy way of earning passive income. As the name suggests, affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that involves the presence of a third party.


To begin, search for products and brands you would like to recommend, and affiliate with. Next, promote those products or services on your website. Afterward, you will earn a commission whenever one of your website visitors purchases a product via your affiliate link.

Similar to PPC advertising, affiliate marketing works best when your website consistently receives a lot of traffic. Additionally, you should have the skills needed in persuading your website visitors into purchasing certain goods and services. With that, you will surely increase income from your site.

3. Selling Ad space

While affiliate marketing involves you promoting another firm’s product on your site, this involves you selling ad space on your website directly to other firms. Ad space may be in form of side banners or pop-ups depending on the firm’s requests. This method lets you set a fixed amount of price for ad spaces. Hence, it puts you in the control seat when negotiating prices. Regardless of that, there are certain factors you should consider when deciding prices.

First, note that the price varies with the type of ad space. Therefore, the price for side banners will no doubt differ from that of small pop-ups. Another thing to consider is the amount of traffic your website receives. The higher your traffic is, the higher the price that firms would be willing to pay you and vice versa.

4. Marketing your very own product

As seen above, promoting other firm’s services on your site is a good way of earning income. Likewise, doing the same for your product will generate great income for your business. Whatever services you are offering, you can market them on your website. This is a simple but efficient strategy which many businesses have successfully implemented to generate income. Additionally, this strategy has tons of benefits.

Other brands will be paying you for promoting their product on your site. You, on the other hand, will be free from such extra expenses. It is an ideal free strategy that will no doubt generate income from and for your website.

Bottom Line

As stated earlier, monetizing a site is a task many brands have achieved over the years. Likewise, with the right knowledge, you also can achieve that goal. And these four steps mentioned above are vital keys on how to increase income from websites.

However, knowing all these will not help you if you do not meet the basic requirement – Having a well-designed website. As mentioned above, without one, your brand is practically invisible to users. And this makes it difficult to achieve your online goals. Hence, before implementing any of the strategies above, get a properly designed website. Here at Leadsconvert Africa, you are sure to get a website perfectly suited to your needs.



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